Formula Perfect Manual Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari F1-90 on CD


Well, we all know the Formula Perfect Manual for the Ferrari 641/2 (F1-90) is long since out of print, so here's an alternative.

CD copy, 28 full page pics...

The shots constitute a walkround of the car, and show the details we modellers like to see, like DZUS fasteners, routing of wires and tubes, camera inside the cockpit to show pedals, etc! Please email me for a sample, but you can probably see the quality for yourself!

As this was the first FP manual, it wasn't quite as comprehensive as later ones. There are 28 full pages of detail pics, but I have not included the pages either side which are in Japanese text. Instead, I have added some shots I took at the Galeria Ferrari of the 641 engine, and also, some scans of photos I took of the car owned by Frank Williams, and residing until 2005 in the Williams Collection.

Total no. of pics = 56

Please note that these pics will open on PC or Mac.

Please see my other auctions for reference pics for other famous F1 and Sports cars, as I will also offer competitive shipping rates for multiple purchases, depending on how much fits on a CD!!!!

The CD will be securely packed in a protective bag and outer package, so it reaches you in perfect condition. In spite of all the above, postmen can be clumsy, so,
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