Fortress America Milton Bradley Complete 1st Edition

This is the first edition of this game. The game is in like new condition but the box does show some signs of wear. No tape or signs of image loss but one of the corners is blown out. All the pieces are included even the extra pieces the game originaly came with. People have and do sell these extra parts online as replacement pieces. Good luck bidding. Make sure to check out all the pics.

Fortress America is part of Milton Bradley's Gamemaster series . Fortress America depicts an alternate near-future in which all of the world attacks and invades the continental United States. From the west arrives hordes of Asian foes; from the south arrives a union of South American countries through Mexico, and from the east lands come legions of Soviets who have taken over all of Europe. America besieged has to rely on the remaining ground and air forces left in the country along with partisan uprisings to defend mom's apple pie.

Up to four players can play Fortress America , one player is the US and up to three others control the invading units from a particular direction. Being a near future scenario, the units in the game include conventional infantry, APCs, hovertanks, helicopters, bombers, US partisan units, and special "Star Wars" laser relays systems that fire from space.

The game emphasizes combined arms, in
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