6 Forza motorsport hot wheels cars collection

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Unless otherwise noted, all clothing is in excellent condition, no stains or rips.

Care packages, Japanese foods, and Mexican foods will be as pictured. If we run out of a selection, we may substitute for a different flavor, but the quality will remain the same. By the same token, the packaging may be different than pictured in the Asian lots. The item is the same, but the packaging tends to vary a lot from week to week.

Japanese items are as described and pictured. Some smaller lots offer individually wrapped candies and snacks as a cheaper way to try a variety of Asian snacks. We do have larger listings for full retail packages, but the majority of the listings are fun size, snack size, individually wrapped to help customers try an assortment without having to buy a whole bag of something they may not like.

Bath products, we can take special requests. We list all of our authentic oils and ingredients in our products. Satisfaction is guaranteed! If any issues arise, please contact us! We take pride in our homemade bath products and only sell the best!

Yes, we purchase all of our items in bulk and resell it for a different price than what we paid. As all businesses do. If this is an issue, we do apologize for your confusion.
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