Fossil Bird Berlin ARCHAEOPTERYX Cast

Hand painted and cast from the real fossil, unlike other reproductions. This cast was made from a mold of the real fossil. The slab MEASURES: 17.5 inches tall, by 14 inches wide. Comes ready to hang with a picture wire attached to the back. Over one hundred have been sold all over the world. Shipping & handling charges: Postage $20.00, box $6.50, bubble wrap $2.00, tape $1.00, labor FREE. Archaeopteryx (pronounced ar'kee op' ter ix) means "ancient wing" This creature is found fossilized with the dinosaurs in Jurassic strata, which includes Compsognathus. We also sell a cast of the Compsognathus skeleton. Archaeopteryx was regarded as an intermediate form between birds and reptiles, but it has now been shown to be a true bird with feathers identical to modern birds, with aerodynamic flight feathers, and was capable of powered flight. It had teeth, claws on its wings, and a long bony tail. These are common features of extinct birds. These facts support creation predictions of micro-evolution, which is degeneration from complex to simple over time. Micro-evolution (change from dog to another kind of dog) causes speciation by loss of genetic information, resulting in recessive genes replacing this loss causing changes that allow a few organisms to survive. This is design not macro-evolution (change from dog to cat) evolution. It ... read more