Ladies and gentlemen. Up for auction is an AWESOME GREAT WHITE upper principle fossil Shark tooth with an artistic GOLD WIRE wrap. The jeweler obviously knew what he or she was doing, just look at the fantastic wrap job. This Great White shark tooth has complete serrations and root and a fine tip. T are NO chips in this awesome tooth and you may notice in the photograph what appears to be a crack in the tooth by the gold wire as it wraps around the edge. This is only a reflection of the gold wire on the tooth. I double checked this with a jewelers loupe and indeed this IS ONLY A REFLECTION. To wear this awesome Great White tooth will make a statement. As superstition goes, many surfers wear such teeth around their neck to ward of shark attacks, especially in Hawaii. This is a large tooth but not to large as to be overpowering the wearer and is just over 2" long and 1 3/8" wide. With the wire wrap is 2 5/8" long overall. This tooth is full of character and will look great around a surfer dudes or dudettes neck and remember this is an UPPER PRINCIPAL and very straight with only a slightest curve. This Great White tooth is sure to please its new owner GUARANTEED !!!!! I will be listing many museum quality shark teeth during the next weeks so keep an eye on my auctions if you like what you see. I believe in REAL auctions and I will offer ... read more