Fossil Marine Reptile Cast

NEW!! FAST DELIVERY GUARANTEED! OR FREE CAST - Shipped in 7 DAYS of payment or bid amount refunded!! This is a cast of a Triassic marine reptile identified as a Nososaur. It was discovered in China in 1999 near Guizhou, in the marine Guanglin Formation in a matrix of grey shalely mudstone, containing many other marine reptiles and shellfish. MEASURMENT of slab: 19 inches long, by 14 inches wide.

Shipping & handling charges: Postage $20.00, box $6.50, bubble wrap $2.00, tape $1.00, labor FREE.

This Hydro-Stone cast comes from a mold made by a well known paleontologist DIRECTLY FROM THE REAL FOSSIL!! And (this is a Type Specimen) sold for 14 thousand dollars by Chinese Minerals & Fossils. Comes ready to hang, with picture wire attached to the back.

PHOTOS: The top one is the one your are buying, the second one is of the REAL fossil from which the mold was made.

Evolutionists claim this marine reptile is 260-million years old. But the Bible indicates they were created with man about 6 thousand years ago, and calls these reptiles - as well as flying reptiles and dinosaurs - Tannin, translated dragon. Psalm 74:13, âeoeThou breakest the heads of the dragons in the waters.âe A Brachiosaur (largest dinosaur) is described in Job 40:15, and a Chronosaur (the largest marine reptile) in 41:1. Again
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