Fossil Pokemon Set

Selling Part Fossil Set 42 out of 62 including 11 Rares:
Rare Halo Aerodactyl (Excellent Condition)
Rare Halo Articuno (Excellent Condition)
Rare Halo Kabutops (Excellent Condition)
Rare Halo Magneton (Excellent Condition)
Rare Halo Moltres (crease in top right corner)
Rare Halo Muk (Excellent Condition)
Rare Gengar (Good Condition)
Rare Hunter (crease in bottom right and slight creases across top right)
Rare Hitomlee (Very good condition)
Rare Lapras (slight creases)
Rare Magneton (Good Condition)
and common and uncommon cards in pictures in good/ very good condition
please look at other listing selling other cards
no returns