Fossil REAL DINOSAUR POOP Slice Coprolite Dino DUNG Poo

(internal #PP243-66), One piece of genuine petrified DINOSAUR dung, doo doo, poo, scat, waste (called "coprolite" in polite fossil circles). Gorgeous mustard and red natural colors; Heidi's favorite! Rough on back , 6" long x 2-3/4" wide x 5/16" thick .

Specimen has plenty of texture, shape & color. I assure you, the smell is long gone, now replaced by stone, just like petrified wood is changed when it fossilizes but keeps its original shape.

Nice piece with natural red, gray, and yellow coloring, from UTAH's DINOSAUR VALLEY. Collectible as a JASPER gem and as a superb specimen of Trace Fossil from a dinosaur.

Photographed natural/dry. Surfaces can be sprayed/brushed with polyurethane, clear fingernail polish or brush-on Superglue to create the most color.

SUITABLE FOR LAPIDARY/CUTTING INTO JEWELRY or just great specimens! Cut & Polished on both sides unless indicated

Excavated from the Jurassic Brushy Basin area of the Morrison Formation in Emory County, Utah, whch covers 600,000 square miles. It is the most fertile source of dinosaur fossils in North America. Specimen dates to the Jurassic era, 65-150 million years ago.

It takes just the right weather & geologic conditions for soft scat to be preserved, sediment could cover it quickly enough or changes in the geology of the area
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