Fossil Shell Collection Maryland Middle Miocene

This auction is for a small collection of Miocene shells found at a St Mary's formation site in St. Mary's County, Maryland. This is a private site and these shells are 8-10 million years old. This collection includes the following:

Ostrea sp. (oyster)
Panope goldfussi (geoduck sp.)
Mercenaria Campechiensis (bivalve)
Chesapecten sp. (extinct scallop-like species)
Anadara (Dallarca) idonea (bivalve)
Busycon sp. (whelk like species)
Turritella plebia (marine gastropod)
Naticidea sp. (moon snail variety)
Ecphora gardnererae (Maryland state fossil - predatory snail)
Bog iron

These fossil shels are interesting in that they are all from the same site. They also provide an interesting and educational represention of Miocene marine life. As shown in the picture, each fossil specimen is also accompanied by an information card.

In particular..
- the oyster specimen is a 6" half of an oyster;
- the moon snail specimen is a large 2" example of Lunatia heros;
- the geoduck specimen includes both articulated halves;
- the busycon specimen is a large 4" example of B. coronatum;
- the dallarca specimen includes both articulated halves;
- the chesapecten specimen is about 4" in diameter;
- the mercenaria specimen is about a 3.5" bivalve half and includes trace
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