FOSSILS African Flesh Eating T-Rex Dinosaur shoulder bone partial Scapula


Possibly the UK's biggest killer dinosaur. It once roamed the areas of Southern England around 120 million years ago, preying on the herds of Iguanodon and also, I would imagine, the numerous long necked sauropods that were around at this time. It is related to the T-Rex busting Carcharodontosaurus.


The AFRICAN T-REX THIS IS A REAL FOSSIL DINOSAUR BONE 'GONE FISHING' Carcharodontosaurus about to devour a smaller spinosaurus. The original is truly breathtaking and is also available for sale. Please contact if interested.


Meaning - Carcharodontosaurus saharicus means 'shark toothed lizard'

Described By – (Depéret & Savornin, 1925) Stromer, 1931 (originally Megalosaurus)


Carnivorous : the ultimate evolutionary killing machine. Labelled the ‘African T-Rex’


Length – 45 feet (8m to 14m) long.

Weight – to 8 tons

Geological Age:

Mid to Late Cretaceous period, about 90 million years ago.


Carcarodontosaurus walked on two muscular legs, like T-Rex

Teeth & Bones:

Until recently, Carcarodontosaurus was only known from few scrappy remains. However new finds have shown that this creature was huge and rivaled T-Rex in size. Reconstruction of a
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