Possibly the UK's biggest killer dinosaur. It once roamed the areas of Southern England around 120 million years ago, preying on the herds of Iguanodon and also, I would imagine, the numerous long necked sauropods that were around at this time. It is related to the T-Rex busting Carcharodontosaurus.


Coelophysis c. bauri

Meaning: Coelophysis means "hollow form"

Described by: Cope & Colbert 1964.

Age: Late Triassic: 225 mya

Diet: Carnivorous:. An agile fast moving hunter, it moved in large packs, capturing early lizards, tiny mammal-like reptiles and small plant-eating dinosaurs like Technosaurus. Its main enemy was the large aggressive reptile Postosuchus (as seen on the BBC series 'Walking with Dinosaurs').

Size: Length - 2.5 to 3m long Weight - 15 to 30 kg

Locomotion: Bipedal and a quick runner.

Bones: A coelurosaur or small meat eating lizard hipped dinosaur.

Classification: Kingdom Animalia (animals) * Phylum Chordata (having a hollow nerve chord ending in a brain) * Class Archosauria * Order Saurischia - lizard-hipped dinosaurs * Suborder Theropoda - bipedal carnivores * Family Coelophysoidea * Genus Coelophysis Species c. bauri (Cope & Colbert 1964) [nomen conservandum] (originally coelurus)

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