Foster Mint 1969 Half Silver Eagle 1/2 oz .999 bar

1/2 troy oz .999 fine silver bar

FC-8 : Half Silver Eagle

Minted by

Foster Company

in 1969

Part of vintage Foster Company ‘Silver Eagles Nest’, the earliest made silver art bars. This bar is part of history. Rare and Classical.

Mintage unknown and unimportant, as most were already melted anyway. Not serial numbered.

Rarity Value (in 1991) = $18

(that “translates” to Rarity Value about $25 today)

(Indexed Guide Book of Silver Art Bars by Archie Kidd, 5 th edition, 1991)

The front depicts a heraldic eagle carry armory for war and olive branch for peace. The bar is marked 1969 half Silver Eagle. The back says Redeemable at current market value at Silver Eagle Sales, Inc. Walla Walla , Washington .

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