Fostex MR16 Digital Multitrack Recorder

Up for auction is my Fostex MR16 in excellent condition. I purchased it new about 2 years ago and have recorded many songs on it with exceptional results with an unbelievably intuitive user interface. This unit is in extraordinary condition - top including LED screen, sides, etc. Always used in my smoke free studio, never gigged. In hours and hours of recording, this unit has never, ever failed and I have never experienced any glitch...100% dependable. I'm a guitar player, drummer, bass player with no recording experience and I highly recommend this unit. I am moving and have been paring down my studio equipment. This unit will ship in its original box (inside outer box of course) along with original user manual in great shape. Also include original power supply. Note, this unit does NOT have the CD burner but comes with a LiteOn External DVD (not CD) drive that can burn DVDs or CDs. I purposely chose this unit without the internal CD because A) I didn't want an internal because guess what, drives go bad and I didn't want to pay the premium price for something integrated into the design which would be a huge hassle if it malfunctions B) the integrated CD-R records only records CDs allowing only 700MB of material while a DVD holds 4.7GB of content and of course can be used with my home computer. Yes, I thought that out. LiteOn DVD ... read more