Fostex PD4 Time Code DAT Recorder

The Fostex PD-4 is a Professional Four Head Timecode Digital Audio Tape Recorder Combined with a High Quality Three Channel Mixer in One Portable Package. The Fostex PD-4, successor of the PD-2, remains a reference for DAT portable time recorders. Later upgraded to the PD-4V2.

Bringing together the highest audio quality and full-function capability in a rugged but lightweight package, the PD-4V2 meets all the requirements for the demanding professional on location. Features such as confidence monitoring via the four head transport, full timecode recording including JAM sync and the on-board three channel mixer with mic attenuation, phantom power, low-cut filter and a limiter on each channel are now augmented by the addition of a headphone matrix.

Powered through on-board NP-1B type batteries or via an optional external AC adaptor, the PD-4V2 weighs in at less than 3.2Kg meaning port-ability doesn't have to be sacrificed for functionality and is flexible enough to fit into all professional movie making and TV production environments.


Two 16-bit digital audio channels. Four-head design allows confidence monitoring (simultaneous recording and playback) of audio data. Record and playback capabilities of SMPTE/EBU time code, IECC format. Compatible with all DAT recorders. Three sample frequencies:
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