Fostoria GOLD LACE 7-1/2 inch vase - WWII vintage

's a nice old wartime-era piece of glass which was manufactured by the famous Fostoria Glass Company of Moundsville, West Virginia. The etched pattern on this was and is called "Gold Lace" (Fostoria's DecorationNo. 514), which was introduced in 1938 and discontinued in 1944. This particular piece is shown in the old Fostoria catalog listings as 2467 - 7-1/2 in.Vase.

This vase is actually just under 7-1/4" tall, is about 5" wide across the mouth, about 5-1/4" wide at the handles, and the base is just over 4" in diameter. This piece is free of any major damage: t is one small little nick (not much more than a rough spot) on the side of one of the handles at the top, and t is another little fleabite nick on the side of the foot (which also is little more than a rough spot). Both of these spots are not really noticable except on close examination (indeed, I didn't notice them at first, and I'm generally fairly careful). However, the piece is not "mint" (few things of this age really are), but it's nonetheless a beautiful old piece of glass, still perfect for its intended purpose, and would look lovely sitting on a shelf by itself or filled with flowers. So 's a wonderful gift idea for your favorite Fostoria, glass, or just plain old antique or "old stuff" fan.

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