Fountain Pens- Sheaffer (2), Wahl (1), Avon (1), inkwells- Carters(1), Higgins (

Four Vintage Fountain Pens. Sheaffer (2), Wahl (1), Avon (1) and two ink wells Carters (1) Higgins (1). All fountain pen tips are gold, three have celluloid bodies, the Avon is gold filled. They need to be cleaned and the cap to one of the Sheaffer's has a crack. I am not a pen expert, but I think these could be refurbished with out too much problem. I am throwing the ink wells since I am selling the pens as a lot. Please feel free to email questions since I really don't know what buyers of pens are looking for. I will ship Flat Rate Medium box with Delivery Confirmation. Thank you for looking.