Four Authentic Roman Glass Vases( 300AD)

The Art and Culture of Roman and Byzantium (500 B.C)

Byzantium is the name given to both the state and the culture of the Eastern Roman Empire in the middle ages. Both the state and the inhabitants always called themselves Roman, as did most of their neighbors. Western Europeans, who had their own Roman Empire called them Orientals or Greeks, and later following the example of the great French scholar DuCange, Byzantines after the former name of the Empire's capital city, Constantinople.

Art was so secular and utilitarian and showed an interest in grandeur and scale. The Romans developed the use of mosaic decoration from the Greek example and with wall painting it became an important aspect of patrician domestic decoration, the best surviving examples being from Pompeii and Herculaneum . Wall painting showed an interest in landscape and the illustration of scenes from myth and literature. The decorative arts included fine silver and glassware, such as the Portland Vase, and jewellery of amber, precious gem; and gold.

What are Antiques?

Antiques are ancient handmade craft that have special value because of its age, especially artistry art, beauty, or period of origin. About the item: · Age: 300AD · Size: 12.5 ,12,11 and 10cm Height · Material : Glass · Condition: Excellent with Great patina
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