Four figurines by Royal Doulton

Four figurines.
The Yellow one is called "irene" and is Rd No 787516 and does have 1937 in the porcelain which maybe the date.She is 17 cm high. The girl holding her skirt with blue top is called Sweet Anne Rd No 743560. She is 18.5 cm high. The large flower girl holding a basket of flowers is called "Janet" Rd No 778640. She is 16 cm high. The smallest one is holding a single rose and is called 'Valarie" Rd No 868305. She is only 13 cm high.

I am not an expert but they are in good condition.

You can really hardly see them but the following I noticed:

Small girl one petal appears slightly damaged

Girl in red: appears a small chip to one of the rose petals

Yellow girl: some small damages to rose petals.

On closer inspection Sweet Anne has two small chips on skirt and has had minor repair on hat.