Here is matched quad 6L6 vacuum tubes. Russian 6L6's are used by major amplifier manufacturers. These tubes are brand new and are part of a new factory lot. I hand match/test each tube. These are black base tubes. Note the photo is of a representative set. Feedback on the sound quality is very good. The 6L6GT is suitable for use in all but amps with the highest plate voltages. These are matched using a TV-10 tester.
These tubes are shipped in factory white boxes.
Compare these tubes to tubes retailing at $12 each. You will not be disappointed. Specifications for the 6L6GT:
Plate current: 58-95ma (pair)
Plate Voltage Maximum: 390V
Heater Voltage: 6.3V
Tubes may be branded or not have any markings at all as shown, butif labeled or not, will all be the same. This is your opportunity to get a world class tube at an outstanding value!