includes one brown leather, Boston-style case with a gold medal from the Photographers Association of America. The medal has a bird on the front and says `Aristo, Facile Princeps, American.` On the back is written `Awarded to Rentschler.` Rentschler was a photographer from Akron, Ohio who operated briefly in Michigan. The medal has a hole for a necklace and the case was designed specifically for its placement. Another gold medal in a Boston-style case is also awarded to Rentschler, this time from the Photographers Association of Michigan. It is dated 1898 and is even larger but in the same shape as the first. It contains the same miniscule imprint from the medal maker in New York, and also an artist portrait of Pieter Paul Rubens in the center. Plus one small token which says `Good for 5 cents in Kodak work,` a unique piece from Cornell Studio. Plus an award ribbon from Indianapolis for the Photographer`s Association of America, which was given in 1882, probably at some sort of convention.