Four Prewar Lionel Blue Comet Cars: 2x 613 Pullman, 614 Observation, 615 Baggage

These vintage Prewar Lionel Blue Comet Cars are fresh from an estate here in eastern Connecticut. The original owner had them as a boy and now, in his 70's, has decided to downsize his estate.

* They have been unpacked right out of his attic storage and in untested condition

* They include: Two 613 Pullman Cars

One 614 Observation Car

One 615 Baggage Car

* All four cars have removable roofs

* The plastic window strips and the blue & green curtain strips that are above the windows are all there, however several have pieces broken off and laying loose in the car, but they look totally useable to us

* There are several scratches in the paint, mostly on the roofs of the cars

* There are no dents or rust anywhere on the cars that we can see

* The wheels and couplings all look good to us

* The doors on the baggage car slide easily

* All the handles by the front and back doors of the 613 and 614 cars are there. One of the handles on one of the 613 cars looks like it has been bent inwards a little at the center

* All in all, to us at least, these cars look pretty good and should be easy to touch up and bring back to their original beauty

* That said, we are not train experts so, please, check the pictures closely and let us know
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