Four Vintage Enamel Buttons, Lady With Flowing Hair

Extraordinary detail is found on these lovely enamel buttons. They are on a darkened goldtone metal, likely brass and are 1" diameter. Each button has an identical design of a woman with long flowing hair which appears to drape down and up alongside her face or maybe the latter is just swirls. The buttons could be as old as the 1920's-30's, but are definitely Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha inspired. It is a matched set with the woman's head and hair being a copper color enamel and the background fading to a soft cranberry color. The colors are vibrant and even throughout the buttons. T is a high gloss finish on the buttons which has caused some white areas to appear on the pictures.

Two buttons have a small 1/32" wide shallow round indentation in exactly the same spot on the bottom side of her face. These are not visible to the naked eye and probably were just an area w the enamel didn't fully cover. The indentations are under the glossy finish so they cannot be felt. The pins have straight metal loop shanks and t is a 1/4" discoloration at the back of one button. T are otherwise no condition issues: t are no cracks, chips, crazing, flaking etc.

I am returning to Ebay as a seller after a four year break. So that is why t is no seller rating percentage at the top of my listing, although t is a star showing 55 positive
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