Four Vintage Lava Cameos Rome / Naples c. 1875 Brooch size As found Original NoR

Four Vintage Lava Cameos from Rome or Naples c. 1875. Brooch size – never mounted, in original, as-found conditionWhen Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 1872, the master cameo carvers from Rome and Naples found a new & exciting material to use creating their sought after cameos for the Europeans flocking to Italy during the GRAND TOUR of Victorian times. The lava was extremely challenging for all but the masters of their craft and afforded them new colors and minute details to the carvings that shell did not allow. The lava cameos from this era range in color from dark slate gray and natural browns, all the way to light tan and shades of white. The sizes of these four range from 34mm x 41mm to 28mm x 35mm and in color from shades of light olive to tan. All four have damage that is primarily restricted to their platforms..from minor to significant. All of the ladies retain their high points and magnificent carving. Several show what appears to be white spots in places…these are not chips but imbedded white lava. Whether used by jewelers or craftsperson for repair, or as collectibles, these are great examples of a lost art form. These items are not being sold on approval, so please read the description and pay close attention to our pictures that are an important part of our description! PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID… US CONFIRMED ... read more