Fourmaintraux Rouen Candlestick Chamberstick n Quimper

Offered is a beautiful candlestick or candle holder which I believe to be Fourmaintraux Freres. It is gorgeous. All the colors are vibrant and the walls of the pieces are thickly built, as is characteristic of French pottery. However, it is NOT clunky or clumsy in anyway at all.No losses to the body of the piece, no cracks, no chips and no repairs. All the edges and surfaces are covered with thick glossy glaze!!!
Its only fault seems to be that it is missing a mate!!
It is full of charm. Completely painted by hand, as to be expected. T are a few itty bitty rough spots (as in 3 or 4) but, upon examination, I am sure they are just glaze pops from the kiln: t is one small spot on one of the "knees" w it looks like a few small pieces of debris got stuck in the glaze while in the kiln during firing.
The unglazed portion on the inside of one of the feet has the numbers hand written: #1433
I have had it for a while, hoping I would find a mate for it, but I always see them in pairs. So, I would like to offer someone else the opportunity to enjoy hunting for a pair. I have seen these offered on Ebay for as much as $260 for a pair.
I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe, w I put more than 2000 kilometres on my rental car driving around to brocantes, antique shops and vide-greniers, and believe me, you will not find
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