FOW Flames of War MM11 GERMAN 8.8CM FLAK18 sfl PAINTED

Painted - 1 truck from the : FOW Flames of War MM11 GERMAN 8.8CM FLAK18 sfl boxed set .

This is a single unit, that is newly painted and looks amazing. I chose to go with a mid-war Camo (of FeldGray and Dark Grey, and heavy flocking, something quite different on this unit), and it turned out better then I had hoped for. Washes REALLY brings out the rivets and details, yet looks weatd.

Again, this is for one single unit, which with the Mid-War Monster book OR:

the Eastern Front book, you can run one unit as a platoon, for 120 points and you probably would not want to run more then one or two. These trucks are virtually indestructible against standard infantry and have a huge cannon on them! Only one or two units in the entire game from mid to late war even get a save against its mighty gun! Against dug-in troups, its a reall killer with a ROF3.

Feel comfortable with your bidding, I have a 100 percent customer feedback rating and will do whatever is neccesary, within reason, to assure you are a satisfied customer!

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Flames Of War

The Bunkerflak mounted a standard 8.8cm FlaK18 gun on an armoured self-propelled mounting. It retained the large crew required to operate the big gun at its maximum performance. The crews were trained to use their weapon’s outstanding accuracy
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