3 fragments of Chebarkul Chelyabinsk meteorite (total 24.79 gr.) from Russia.

Hello! I want to offer for sale severalfragments of the “ Chelyabinsk meteorite”, that came from deep space and fell in Russia 15 th Feb. 2013.

These stones are from my personal collection, which I collected for several expeditions to the field spread of a meteorite, near the lake "Chebarkul", Chelyabinsk region, Russia .

Total weight of the lot is 24.79 grams ( 0.87 oz ).

Sizes of the fragments you can see on the photo in relation the coin.

Diameter of the coin is 1 inch . ( 2.54 cm ).

Some stones are greatly enlarged, so that you can consider them in detail.

The biggest stone (11 gr.) have GPS position.

Russian scientists have spread " Chelyabinsk meteorite" on minerals. Already known a type of the Chelyabinsk meteorite - LL 5, shock fraction S4, "ordinary chondrite".

Despite the name, this is a rarity. Of all known meteorites such - only 2%! The age of this meteorite - at least 4.5 billion years!

Most chondrites appeared after the solar system formed - 4.5 billion years ago.

As a result of research, scientists have found that fragments of the main minerals are silicates: olivine (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4 and orthopyroxene (Mg, Fe) 2Si2O6.

In subordinate discovered Fe sulfides and Ni (troilite, FeS , heazlewoodite Ni3S2), - and of native metals
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