3 fragments of Chelyabinsk meteorite (total 3.4 gr) and UFO Chebarkul coin.

Hello! I would like to offer for sale 3 fragments from my collectionof Chelyabinsk meteorites and flat box with souvenir coin, dedicated to the fall of the meteorite, and several first and last pages of local newspaper "The Evening Chelyabinsk" with news about raising of main body of the meteorite from the bottom of the Chebarkul lake.

Total weight of 3 stones is 3.4 grams ( 0.11 oz ).

Sizes of the fragments you can see on the photo in relation a coin and straightedge with inches and metric scale.

Some pictures of stones are greatly enlarged, so you can consider them in detail.

Parameters and description of coin:

Diameter of the coin is 1.25 inch ( 3.15 cm ).

Coin w eight is 17.7 grams ( 0.62 oz ).

The coin is made of nezilber (German. Neusilber, literally - a new silver), this is alloy of copper with nickel and zinc. Over time, does not rust and does not darken. The coin has a relatively heavy weight , big size and excellent looks, because its surface has a complex topography consisting of several heights that gives to images of volume.

This coin is not emitted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation , has no par value and not a means of payment.

The obverse of the coin, in the foreground - in distress unidentified flying object (UFO), falling
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