Framed Black Velvet Painting of Bengal Tiger

Beautiful Black Velvet Oil Painting of Bengal Tiger

Signed by Artist


A brief history of black velvet paintings is presented by Pamela Liflander in Black Velvet Artist, a booklet published by Running Press, Philadelphia, 2003, and included in an identically-titled art kit. She notes that "The birthplace of black velvet paintings can be traced to ancient Kashmir , which is considered to be the fabric's original homeland. These paintings were religious in nature, portraying the iconic artwork of the Caucasus region by Russian Orthodox priests." She further wrote that Marco Polo and others introduced the West to this art form, and that some of these early works still hang in the Vatican . Liflander also details the life of Edgar Leeteg (1904âe"1953), "the father of American black velvet kitsch ," whose "raucous and bawdy" life was previously captured by James Michener in Rascals in Paradise ( 1957 ).

Velvet paintings are widely sold in rural America, and usually have kitsch themes. They often depict images of Elvis Presley (see Velvet Elvis ), sad clowns , Dale Earnhardt , John Wayne , Jesus , Native Americans , and cowboys . They can also include more exotic or avant-garde themes.

This painting is in very good condition, previosly owned. Not much is known about the artist except for
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