Framed Original Pharmaceutical Apprenticeship Indenture dated 1922

Framed original indenture of John Henry Bostock 38cm x27.5cm. Good condition, no damage, very collectible item dated 1922.


This indenture witnesseth that John Henry Bostock of 84High Street Cowes I.W. now aged 16 years with the consent of his father (herebytestified) of the same place Pharmacist, doth put himself apprentice toMessieurs Randall & Wilson Ld of 146 High Street Southampton dispensingchemists to learn their art trade or business with them after the manner of anapprentice to serve from the 23 rd day of January 1922 until the fullend and term of three years thence next following to be fully complete andended during which term the said apprentice his masters faithfully shall servetheir secrets keep their lawful commands everywhere gladly do he shall do nodamage to his said masters nor see to be done of others but to the best of hispower shall present or forthwith give warning to his said masters of the samehe shall not waste the goods of his said masters nor lend them unlawfully toany he shall not do any act whereby his said masters may have any loss withtheir own goods or others during the said term without licence of his saidmasters shall neither buy nor sell nor absent himself fro his said mastersservice unlawfully. But in all things as a faithful apprentice he shall behavehimself
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