Framed Photo of Randolph Scott & his horse Stardust.

This is from my private collection of cowboy and movie hero photos. This is Randolph Scott and his beautiful blonde sorrel horse, named Stardust. During the 1930's up to the 60's Randolph Scott was a leading man in the movie and film venue, and played in over 60 westerns. He always played the "good guy" roles, sometimes mild mannered, and othertimes rough and ready to fight! His co-staring horse, Stardust, was well known as the "blonde" horse, due to its mane and tail being the color of a bleach blonde starlet and Stardust was in several of the western films alongside with Randolph. "o) In his western action movies he always seemed to save the girl in trouble, and used his fast guns only when necessary.

As we continue to sell out to the bare walls here at the ranch, we are parting with all of my collection of great framed photos of western movie hero and cowboy legends. This one is autographed, by Randolph Scott. I cannot verify if this is his real signature or not,I know alot of times the stars had someone else sign for them. I did not get a COA with it at the time I purchased it many, many years ago. I did not really care, as I liked the photograph, and I liked the horse, Stardust! A lot of times I would purchase a movie star photo, because I liked the horse, as much as the actor. (what can I say, I am a horse person)
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