Framed Rare page moth/butterfly Urania Leilus (Peru)

Case Size: 5 inch Round
Scientific Name: Urania leilus
Common Name: Peacock Moth.
Distribution: South American Region.
Description: The Urania moth is an iridescent moth that is active during the day (unlike most moths). This migratory insect lives in tropical rainforests. The 3 inch wide wings are blue, gold-green, yellow-cream, and red-orange, with black bands and spots. The lower hind wings have many short "tails." The body is chubby and the antennae are featd.
All of the cases we use in our butterfly displays are made of Dupont Acrylic. We manufacture each and every case in our own facility to exact standards. Many of the other makers of similar cases contract the production of their displays and have no direct control over the quality of the finished case. We machine every edge of our cases, which can add up to twenty-four separate machining operations per case. This means t are no saw marks on the edges or on the mating surfaces of the butterfly cases. This also allows us to guarantee that each and every case is sealed and airtight.
During the sealing process, we inject a proprietary gas that ensures NO spores of mold or fungus will germinate inside the case. It also prevents the hatching of any parasitic larval eggs that may destroy the valuable specimens. Since all cases are air tight, the
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