Framed USA Lithos

Framed USA Lithos. Here are two lovely vintage lithographs, at least that is what it says on the bottom of the pictures; actually it says, Litho in USA, GLCO. The back cardboard pieces have the number #5451 on them. These are old, I took them out to clean the glass and the other side of the print has yellowed with age. They are magnificent little pictures and very vivid, (though the pictures are hazy, too much glare the day I took the pics). They depict a gorgeous bouquet of flowers inside what appear to be vintage art pots, (in fact, if you look at one of the pictures, the little pot in it looks almost like one of my art pottery vases in the art pottery category). These look great just about anyware. I have to admit though, I did antique the painted wood frames only because they were an atrocious YELLOW color when I bought them. Now however, I think they look much better and more in keeping with the scene they are portraying. They are both in excellent condition, no tears, foxing, fading, wormholes, etc. They would look great in a powder room or budoir!