FRANCE - 1791-A 15 Sols - Louis XVI - Revolution Issue

Item Description:

FRANCE - 1791-A 15 Sols. Louis XVI. Struck during the French Revolution

Size: 23mm

Please look at the picture, as it shows the item that you are bidding on.

About my pictures : I use an indirect light source that is reflected off of a pane of glass to provide a variation of axial lighting. The camera is above this pane of glass, and uses a long exposure count to absorb the details of the coin. I try to ensure that the pictures are as accurate to the coin as possible, but realize that copper coins are difficult to photograph, in that if they are worn, either the color will be correct or the details will. I prefer to focus on the details of the coins, so in my pictures, copper coins are generally darker in hand than they appear in the pictures. The only post-photography editing that takes place is cropping and rotation to make sure that the orientation is correct and that the backgrounds do not detract from the coins.

Please note that I am not an expert on coins, nor am I a dealer. I am simply a collector trying to get rid of some stuff that I have accumulated.

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