France 1942 WW2 NAZI WAFFEN SS LEGION- Volunteers against Bolsjevism -MNH-

Antique French stamp set

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1942 French

Nazi Waffen SS Legion stamp s.

The Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism (LVF) was a collaborationist French militia founded on July 8, 1941. It volunteered to fight against the USSR on the Eastern Front and officially known to the Germans as Infantry Regiment (Infanterieregiment) 638. The Legion of French Volunteers was mainly made up of right-wing Frenchmen and French prisoners of war who preferred fighting to forced labor in Germany. Another unit formed in France, the Tricolor Regiment was absorbed into the LVF six months later. On 1 September 1944, the Legion of French Volunteers was officially disbanded. It merged with the Milice to create the SS Charlemagne Division.

Though the French civil authority handed out many death sentences and prison terms to collaborators after the war, some Frenchmen who had fought for the Germans were given the option to redeem themselves by serving in the Foreign Legion in French Indochina. Some of the higher ranking officers, however, were still executed, while rank-and-file members were given prison terms.

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