France Colonies 2 pages (2 scans)

France Colonies 2 pages (2 scans)

(If multiple scans are mentioned above they are shown under the terms etc below)

Terms, conditions and descriptions and notes:

I usually sell stamps but sometimes sell coins and other items.

I am still learning about stamps so I use basic descriptions combined with good photos and I am happy to send more details/scans if requested. The scans form part of the description, so please look at the scans , especially reverse scans if I show them.

Terms I used include KGV for King George V, CDS for Circular Date Stamp, and cut-out for stamps cut from pre-paid postal stationary etc. Also MH = Mint Hinged, MNH = Mint Never Hinged, MNG = Mint No Gum

Following an astute and diligent Ebayer pointing out that one stamp that they purchased from me, for .99p, amongst several hundred in a lot that I described as all being MNH, showed, under intense magnification via microscope and using optimum lighting, possible traces of a hinge, I now often describe lots that I think are MNH as "appear to be MNH". I am happy to inspect mint stamps more closely upon request, but you will need to send me a really good microscope.

I offer a full refund of the purchase price if the purchaser is not happy with their item/s for any reason. I am happy to send items registered/insured
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