Francie Schwartz-Body Count-1st -1972-McCartney-Beatles

1st Edition
"It's been out of print (and a rarely seen collectible) for so long - and its intimate tale of an affair with a Beatle so much discussed by so many who've never read it - that this book has become the stuff of legend, McCartney / Beatles fans can find out for themselves what all the fuss was about... she provides an unvarnished, somewhat negative and yet strangely human and appealing portrait of a McCartney that the public has never been allowed to see anywhere else. 'He wanted to be one of the boys, but he wanted to be the one-man band as well,' she writes. And there, with a flair, you have the Beatles circa '68 summed up rather nicely." -- excerpt from Beatlefan Magazine #117
Notorious autobiography of Francie Schwartz, published by Rolling Stone's Straight Arrow Books in 1972. Most controversial for Chapter 8, entitled, "Don't Cry, I'm a C*nt", which details her spring and summer with Paul McCartney and the Beatles, as Paul's live-in girlfriend, backup singer on the White Album, and assistant Apple publicist under and around the late Derek Taylor.
Also noted for its explicit sexual detail, this book tells what living the 60's media myth was really like.
From L.A.'s rock publicity circuit to New York's East side bar scene and ad
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