4 Franciscan Apple Grand Mug Grandmug Made in USA Absolutely Pristine!

An amazing estate find. Purchased from a very prestigious North Carolina family, we will be listing over 90 pieces during the next few days.
These mugs like most of the pieces in this collection are absolutely pristine (no cracks, chips, or wear) and show no signs that they were ever used. If they were used, it was extremely light use. All four mugs have the same mark, the one shown in the picture. This is the large 4 1/4", 12 Ounce Mug .
In addition to these pieces, others include the Soup Tureen, Snack Plates, Juice Cups, Tumblers, both types of Salt and Pepper Shakers, 3 Part Relish, Steak Plates, and many other pieces.