Frank Ellison on Model Railroads 1949, 1951 Soft Cover

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Frank Ellison on Model Railroads 1949, 1951 Soft Cover Frank Ellison on Model Railroads 1949, 1951 COVER loose from the stapled pages.
Operation, Tables and track, scenery, more.
There's no need to tell you what a fascinating and creative hobby model railroading is. If you haven't discovered that yourself, a glance at these pages will reveal a wonderful, miniature world complete with landscape, towns, and the headlong rush of trains trailing smoke and whistle blast. It's a world you make yourself, using all the engineering and creative skills you have, and can share with family and friends. It's an exciting world, where you're the boss.
Let's see what a model railroader is made of: The author Frank Ellison was born in a railroad and theatrical family. His first venture in scenic realism was a reproduction of the burning Spanish fleet near Santiago harbor-and the explosions were real enough to set the house on fire! Later, he read Morse code and issued train orders in wayside railroad telegraph offices. "Riding the cushions" for a half million miles in theatrical work throughout the country, he recreated the flying landscapes in stage settings and in miniature vistas for his basement railroad. As to his reputation as an expert model railroader, here is what an
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