Frank Ellison on Model Railroads Arco Publishing 1954 Hardcover Classic

Here is the single best classic model railroading book of the early 1950's, "Frank Ellison on Model Railroads" in the Arco 144 page hardcover edition. This richly illustrated classic puts the focus on operation, construction and the philosophy of model railroading, using Frank's famous Delta Lines. The enclosed photos are actual scans: to protect the book it was not flattened on the scanner bed. You can see some sun fading on the cover. The pages are slightly yellow from age (acid in the paper). This is an amazingly comprehensive guide to model railroading. If there were a model railroading hall of fame, Frank would be there. He is an NMRA "Pioneer of Model Railroading" with the likes of John Allen and Linn Wescott. Absolute money back guarantee.