Frank Nicolette "Emma Giles" Maritime Lithograph Signed/Numbered 1982 363/1800

This is a lithograph prints signed/numbered print of the Emma Giles, by Frank Nicolette. After his death in 1985, Mr. Nicolette's signature was replicated from his first print New Day On the Chesapeake to sign the limited edition prints. It measures 33 3/8" x 23". It has some slight creasing from over handling.
Below is some history on the artist as well as the subject matter in the print.
Baltimore artist, Frank Nicolette developed a love for the water early in childhood. It's mystery and ever changing moods
sparked a desire in the boy to become a marine artist. Living close to the Chesapeake Bay allowed him to paint daily
the ever-changing beauty and grandeur of God's creation. Determined to conquer the restless sea with his brush and paint,
Nicolette's style of 'wet water' has become his signature in the oil painting community. The still waters of a sheltered harbor,
the surging power of breakers on the rocks and shimmer of light reflected on water all evoked a challenge to the young artist.
He successfully mastered this expressive imagery and, depicted the complexity of the sea.
It was inevitable that his love of the sea would lead Nicolette to study the ships that sailed upon it. Soon he was steeped in the
romance of the great sailing ships and through life-long research acquainted himself
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