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This is one of the RAREST of SINATRA COLLECTIBLES next to Frank Sinatra's Cal-Neva Lodge: From Frank Sinatra's and Peter Lawford's restaurant PUCCINI in 1960 at the height of RAT PACK and JFK history. Obtained from the wife of a gentleman who worked at Puccini's as a waiter in 1960. She would pick up a few of these matchbooks whenever she was there to meet her husband.

This auction is for one matchbook from PUCCINI from 1960, when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop made show business history at The Sands in Las Vegas. This matchbook is in GREAT CONDITION and UNSTRUCK with ALL MATCHES INTACT and just some slight spots as seen in the pictures.

As reference, I have displayed above images from the 1960 Summit At The Sands with The Rat Pack. If you have seen the historic concert footage on YouTube, you will remember Frank walking across the Sands stage with a big drum advertising "Eat at Puccini" and Dean coming back with "It's only 3 Miles from Dino's"! There is also an image showing a 1959 newspaper article that mentions Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, JFK, and Puccini when it opened. And if you have seen the HBO movie THE RAT PACK, you will remember how some of the historic meetings of Sinatra,
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