Frank Zappa Buffalo Live 1980 Rare New Colour Wax 3-LP

Frank Zappa - Buffalo

Rare, new, very limited edition and Sealed Europian 3xLP set printed on Blue vinyl with a great detailed gatefold (foldout) cover.

Recorded live at The Momorial Auditorium On 25 October, 1980 In Buffalo, NY.

Vaulter Native label, cat #62538-70098-48

side a

chunga’s revenge

you are what you is

mudd club

the meek shall inherit nothing

cosmik debris

side b

keep it greasy

tinsel town rebellion

buffalo drowning witch

honey, don’t you want a man like me?

pick me, i’m clean

side c

dead girls of london

shall we take ourselves seriously?

city of tiny lites

easy meat

side d

ain’t got no heart

the torture never stops

side e

broken hearts are for assholes

i’m so cute


joe’s garage

dancing fool

side f

the "real world" thematic extrapolations

stick it out

i don’t wanna get drafted

bobby brown

ms pinky

frank zappa: lead guitar, vocals
steve vai: stunt guitar & background vocals
ray white: vocals & rhythm guitar
ike willis: vocals & rhythm guitar
tommy mars: keyboards & vocals
bob harris: keyboards, trumpet &
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