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i purchased a large estate of old United States coins from Franklin County, Ohio.

all coins date from the 1800's to 1964 plus proof and mint sets from 1957-1998.

i have several boxes to offer. this listing is for 1 box.

each box will contain 50 coins.

many of the coins in this lot were loose so i bought some 2x2 cardboard holders and holdered the coins.

proof and mint set coins count per number of coins in the set.

so you will receive 50 nice original quality collector coins.

in the collection you will receive from the following;

silver dollars morgan and or peace.

silver quarters barber, standing liberty, 1940's washington

silver dimes mercury and silver roosevelts i did not see any barber dimes.

liberty nickels, buffalo nickels and a few early date jeffersons grading bu, choice bu or better.

a few 2 and 3 cents pieces.

indian cents, teen twenties and thirties lincolns.

i'll pulled out any from the 40's and 50's unless they are bu red

the winning bidder will receive 50 quality collector coins.

t are no junk coins in these lots.

all full date problem free

many sellers include junk coins worth little over face value just to be able give you alot of coins.

i send only nice coins.
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