Franklin GWTW Scarlett O'Hara Vinyl Doll & 13 Dresses Ensembles Outfits

Franklin Mint , Gone With The Wind, Scarlett O'Hara Vinyl Portrait Doll & 13 Ensembles.
I take my collecting seriously, and am very careful with handling and storing collectibles. Doll and outfits were all purchased new from the Franklin Mint. Scarlett has "worn" most of the outfits while displayed in a doll cabinet, out of direct sunlight. The doll and her ensembles are in as close to mint condition as they can possibly be without being in their original packaging. All accessories for the ensembles are present. When I decided to collect Scarlett and her wardrobe, I knew that I was not going to purchase the wardrobe case, as I felt that it would not be large enough to accommodate the dresses, and that they might be crushed or damaged. Instead, I converted a child's large, wooden toy box into a closet to hold everything comfortably (please see the photo). This auction is for the doll and her ensembles only. The "closet" would be to large, heavy, and expensive to ship. Scarlett has not been on display since 2005, but has been kept safe in her closet with her wardrobe. All of the small items, jewelry, gloves, shoes, etc., have been separated into boxes, each denoting what dress they belong to. One other note: I kept the clear plastic body form inside each dress bodice in order to keep it's shape, and then each dress was placed
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