FRANKLIN MINT 1940 Duesenberg Precision Model Tag & Box

FRANKLIN MINT 1940 Duesenberg Precision Model & Tag

Beautiful 1:24 scale die-cast replica of the classic 1940 Duesenberg FMPM (Franklin Mint Precision Model). The replica comes in its hang tag still attached, its original mailing box, its Styrofoam shipping box, and die-cast specifications sheet, and care instructions in its original envelope. Unfortunately, it does not have its Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or other papers.

The only flaw I could find is dust from decades of storage, mostly on the interior. The cloth-covered front of the top is detachable – it snaps on and off as desired. I have photographed it with the front part just resting on the top as I don’t want to risk damaging it. As with all the Precision Models, the wheels roll, doors and boot open, and hood lifts off to display the finely detailed engine. The very distinctive Duesenberg radiator ornament is present, as is all the finely detailed and elaborate chromework.

It looks to be in perfect condition, and looking at the packing box, I can see why. I’ve never seen such a carefully constructed and reinforced Styrofoam packing box – it even has a formed plastic shield to fit around the replica.

The 1940 Duesenberg is a very large Precision Model; it measures 10-inches from front bumper to back. It is also very heavy and solid for
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