Franklin Mint 2008 Chevrolet GCA Corvette ® Z06 Diecast Model Car 1:24 B11E844

2008 Chevrolet GCA Corvette® Z06 The only thing better than owning a Vette®? How 'bout having one that doesn't look like the other guy’s. One that will turn heads and have lookers straining to catch another glimpse. That's the concept behind the GM® Genuine Corvette® Accessories (GCA) program--offering a tricked-out custom look with factory accessories that are perfectly integrated to give each Vette its own identity.
This torrid precision model re-creates an '08 Z06™, accurate down to every detail of the powerful LS7 engine, detailed undercarriage and fully appointed interior. GCA personalization includes custom silver-and-victory-red stripe hood treatment, competition gray wheels, metal grille screens and special engine décor.
The engineering excellence of the C6 Corvette® Z06™ is a direct result of racing victories of the Corvette® C5-R that won every race in the 2004 season--the most successful string of wins in the 50-year racing history of Corvette®.
In 2008, the Z06™ maintained 505 horsepower and delivered a 0-60 time of less than 4 seconds. Responsible for this was the LS7 engine, first introduced in 2006 with the largest displacement small block ever produced by GM. Inside, the lightweight components, including titanium, assist in getting the power to the pavement without adding excessive weight.
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