Franklin Mint '53 Ford Jubilee Farm Tractor Precision Model MIB American History

The photos of this vehicle out of its packaging are photos I’d found online. I did not want to remove the item I'm selling here from its packaging to take the photo. So the pics of the vehicle showing it still in its packaging is the actual item you are buying. The other pics of it not in packaging are included to show the detail of the item.
This model is complete including any accessories it may've originally come with.
I’ve recently come across a very large inventory of precision made classic and antique car and truck models; Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint and other well known makers. Every item in the inventory is brand new, never removed from its box or packaging material and is in mint condition. If you are interested in these types of models then please be sure to check my store inventory. I will posting each vehicle over time so if there’s a particular one you’re looking for and don’t see it in my store please let me know – there’s a chance I have it but it’s not yet posted.