Franklin Mint Buffalo Bill Cody 1873 Winchester Rifle

Up for auction is my extremely rare Buffalo Bill Winchester. This was a special order Item from the Franklin Mint in the early 1980’s. They only made a few of these, they were not mass produced like the other Mint Items, they had to be ordered in advance. This is a very high quality reproduction, (not like most if the mint stuff) Beautiful Walnut Checkered stocks, Gold Plated, Every detail of the original. This rifle is a NON-Firing Reproduction of the Buffalo Bill Cody Winchester on display at the Cody Firearms Museum. The original rifle was sent to the Franklin by the Cody Museum in a joint effort to recreate an exact copy of the original Rifle.

I don’t have the cheep mounting plaque that came with the rifle. This auction is only for the rifle and the paperwork shown in the listing. I have included copies of original letters between the Franklin Mint and the Cody museum, I also included are to programs and one picture post card.

The rifle is in good shape, there are some slight signs of pitting on the barrel, but nothing major. The Rifle looks awesome! I look for these on eBay and have only seen two listed in the last 10 years. Don’t let this one get away.

More Photos at: /bb-cody.html

Note to ebay, THIS IS A NON FIRING REPRODUCTION!, Can’t shoot, will never, shoot, never was made to shoot anything.
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