BEAUTIFUL Franklin Mint Civil War Chess Set

Up for sale is one of the first chess sets offered by the Franklin Mint - The Civil War Chess Set. This beautifully-crafted chess set was created in 1983 in conjunction with the National Historical Society, and depicts, in chess form, the battles that raged between the North and South in that long-ago conflict.
This rare, great chess set has the following features:
**12"X12" Wooden-Framed Game Board with Blue and Gray Squares - Traditional Colors of the Union and Confederate Armies!**
**Pewter-Sculpted Chess Pieces - 1-1/2" to 2-1/8" in Height - Seated on Either Blue or Gray Enamel Pedestals, with Generals Grant and Lee Facing One Another Down Across the Board as Each New Game Begins!**
**Storage Area for All Chess Pieces**
**Includes Union and Confederacy Chess Piece "Identification Charts", as Well as Biographies of Important, Real-Life Players and Descriptions of Equipment From Which Individual Pieces are Modeled; Storage Box for ID Charts and Bios Titled "The National Historical Society - CIVIL WAR CHESS SET" Engraved in Gold Lettering Also Enclosed!!**
We spotted this chess set at a recent estate sale and, to our astonishment, all of the pieces were accounted for and in excellent condition! Each of the enamel chess figure pedestals is free of scratches, chips or discoloration, and the pewter
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