Franklin Mint coin dies Alabama & Arkansas

This auction is for four dies. Two for the state of Alabama and two for Arkansas. One die for each side of the coin. These are the original coin dies used by the Franklin Mint. I got them from a collector. They are very rare. I do not know what kind of metal they are made from. They are very heavy. I think I have all 50 States! I will be auctioning off the entire collection in pairs of two. They are in almost new condition. The die pictured is the Kentucky. I saw no reason to take fuzzy pics for each auction. So sorry about the fuzzy picture these dies are difficult to photograph. Check my feedback these things are authentic and in beautiful condition. I ship priority mail, lots of bubble wrap, and insurance.

The Franklin Mint was located out side Philadelphia. They originally minted currency. For about the last 30 years they created some beautiful collectables. Everything from commerative coins to, diecast cars, movie props, even dolls. All of the products being made to the highest standards. The Mint closed about a year ago, making these items a once in lifetime opportunity. don't miss out on the last chance to own them. Thank You.

Viva las Vegas!

Sweet Home!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the collector! Good Luck!

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